Three man survival sledge

Get ready for some super cool fun The three man survival sledge is great fun on a sunny but snowy winter day (or in Britain a spring, summer or autumn day will do). What is it? The three man survival sledge is a survival bag that you can pick up from any mountaineering store for about £3. All you need is that, two smaller brothers or sisters and a snowy slope for your survival sledge to take flight (although not literally). You first clear out a run for the sledge, then attempt to fit all three of you into the survival … Continue reading Three man survival sledge

Heelys – shoes with wheelies

Heelys are the shoes with the wheel in the heel. they are rather like roller skates but for beginners. Sizes and Colour There are lots of different colours of heelys that you can choose from when you look at them so just choose what you like. You can get them in every size from 12 toddler-9 adult. Tools The tools that you might need are: a heel plug removal tool which allows you to remove the wheels off them. Then there is the plugs which once you remove the wheels you can put in to stop all the gunk you tread in from getting the holes … Continue reading Heelys – shoes with wheelies

Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts as you know are the worst food known to man since, well brussel sprouts have always been the worst. Taste The taste of Brussels sprouts contains smelly socks, sick, rotten flesh, off cheese and mouldy milk.They made your taste buds shrivel and die. The taste is worse than coleslaw and poisonous berries mixed in together and they will poison you if there is too many in one place. History Brussels sprouts originally came from Belgium whose capital city is Brussels. Coincidence? I wish that Belgium had never been found if it means no Brussels sprouts. Looks Sprouts look like small green … Continue reading Brussels sprouts

Risk – Strategy Game

Risk is a very good board game which is quite old and some people play while some people don’t. I think it is a very good game though. How to play What you do is you get 25 men, colour of your choice and you get the pack of cards that don’t say anything on the back of the card. Then you deal out those cards and place your men on the country it has on the cards. Then you get the dice and choose where to attack. You can attack anywhere where your men aren’t. Then the attacker picks up the normal dice … Continue reading Risk – Strategy Game

Samsung Galaxy S3

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the latest phones yet. I interviewed a journalist and travel blogger (my mum!) about what she thought of it. She said: “I chose the Samsung Galaxy S3 because I have already got a Samsung Galaxy camera and I thought I would recognize all the icons. Also because it’s very very light, very thin and if I’m out travel blogging it slips easily into my pocket. On the downside it feels very fragile and easily broken. Also if you are speaking to someone on the phone your ear can hit random buttons and you could end up accidentally posting something on Facebook!” … Continue reading Samsung Galaxy S3