Brussels sprouts

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IMG_1855 Brussels sproutsBrussels sprouts as you know are the worst food known to man since, well brussel sprouts have always been the worst.


The taste of Brussels sprouts contains smelly socks, sick, rotten flesh, off cheese and mouldy milk.They made your taste buds shrivel and die. The taste is worse than coleslaw and poisonous berries mixed in together and they will poison you if there is too many in one place.


Brussels sprouts originally came from Belgium whose capital city is Brussels. Coincidence? I wish that Belgium had never been found if it means no Brussels sprouts.


Sprouts look like small green blobs of doom, destruction and death to all who eat them. The human stomach should not have to go through the pain of having the sprouts through the digestive system. In a way, ogres are like sprouts, ugly, green and they both hurt your eyes.

Cool Ratings

Sprouts are the least cool things on earth, with a rating of -1234567891011121314. They are even worse than doilies and much worse than chocolate. They should be banned and outlawed.

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