Samsung Galaxy S3

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Samsung S3
Samsung S3. Image from

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the latest phones yet. I interviewed a journalist and travel blogger (my mum!) about what she thought of it.

She said: “I chose the Samsung Galaxy S3 because I have already got a Samsung Galaxy camera and I thought I would recognize all the icons. Also because it’s very very light, very thin and if I’m out travel blogging it slips easily into my pocket.

On the downside it feels very fragile and easily broken. Also if you are speaking to someone on the phone your ear can hit random buttons and you could end up accidentally posting something on Facebook!”

I’m not sure if this reflects the uncoolness of the phone or the stupidity of the user!

The Samsung Galaxy S3’s big screen makes it easier to look at websites without straining your eyes and another bonus feature, if you are messaging someone and you want to call them, just put the phone to your ear and it calls the person you’re messaging.

The Samsung Galaxy s3 is a very good phone which you can get cheap from most places at the moment because a new model is coming soon which is quite good.

Cool rating

I think the Samsung Galaxy S3 gets a 5, but this user just seems a bit of an air head and gets a seriously not cool= 0.

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