Heelys – shoes with wheelies

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Heelys are the shoes with the wheel in the heel. they are rather like roller skates but for beginners.

Sizes and Colour

There are lots of different colours of heelys that you can choose from when you look at them so just choose what you like. You can get them in every size from 12 toddler-9 adult.



The tools that you might need are: a heel plug removal tool which allows you to remove the wheels off them. Then there is the plugs which once you remove the wheels you can put in to stop all the gunk you tread in from getting the holes and finally you need all the safety gear necessary.


There are three different types of heelys, heelys which have one wheel  or two wheels and the nano which came out about a year ago and is a heely attachable to a normal shoe.

Are heelys just a giant rip off?

If you are just a learner it is probably better to buy some heelys than a £200 pair of roller skates. My reason being that it might be quite hard to get used to roller skates but if you buy a cheap pair of heelys and learn how to heely then you will have a real booster towards roller skating really well.


There are lots of different tricks you can do on heelys. I am still learning them and I have had them for about 2 years now! Only start doing tricks when you are quite good at heelying. Do tricks at your own risk.


The price of them depend on which type, style and colour you choose. the prices range from £20-£50 from the  official website.

Heelys feet
You can roll on them or also walk

Cool Rating

I think heelys are very cool and creative so I rate the heelys 5 /5 stars Coolstuff

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