Three man survival sledge

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IMG_2037 Get ready for some super cool fun

The three man survival sledge is great fun on a sunny but snowy winter day (or in Britain a spring, summer or autumn day will do).

What is it?

The three man survival sledge is a survival bag that you can pick up from any mountaineering store for about £3. All you need is that, two smaller brothers or sisters and a snowy slope for your survival sledge to take flight (although not literally). You first clear out a run for the sledge, then attempt to fit all three of you into the survival bag on top of the run. This can have some hilarious results especially if you let your mum and dad have a go!

Does it work?

The survival sledge works perfectly and is very fun especially if you have a very smooth slope. You can reach extremely fast speeds if the run is both long enough and smooth enough. Try and see how far you get. We got about 20 metres and we were only there for a short amount of time.You can add jumps and jolts and customize your run as much you want to. You can also decorate your survival bag as much as you want. Just imagine yourself whizzing down the slopes in one of these:


Other features are that it doesn’t break when you go over a rock like a plastic sledge would. Instead it breaks your back so I would advise not landing on rocks.


Although it is quite fun there are some risks involved because the survival bag is very thin. This means it is easy to hurt yourself, although if you wear thick clothing you should be fine.The other downside is that it is very tricky to get out with three people inside of the bag, if you had trouble getting in, imagine the trouble you are going to have when you’re getting out with two people’s weight pressing onto you.


I would give this sledge a 5/5, not just because we are it’s creator but because it could easily fill a whole afternoon an a half of fun and the adrenaline rush you get while feeling your head sliding along the snow is amazing. I think this sledge deserves the whole scale and maybe even more…


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