Moonpig Custom T-shirts

Moonpig Custom T-shirts are very good for your creativity because you can customize the words and pictures that make a T-shirt look epic.You can have a T-shirt with Minecraft, a T-shirt with my little pony, or an even cooler T-shirt. The world of T-shirts can be your oyster. Or you can have an oyster T-shirt! How? The T-shirts are incredibly easy to design. You simply go onto the Moonpig website, choose your template and customize away. It can take you 3 minutes to do, and the hardest thing about it will be thinking up your design. Why? Many children will … Continue reading Moonpig Custom T-shirts

Moustaches and moustache kits

Moustaches are so cool because you can style them any way you want. You can have a curly Italian one or a long straight one or a funny little goaty one. If I had a moustache I would have an Italian curly one like Salvador Dali. His moustache was awesome and he once put flowers on the end of it. But I’d have mine plain. Flowers are for girls. Girls sometimes have moustaches but not any that I know. My sister has a monobrow so one day she might have a moustache. You never know with sisters what they are … Continue reading Moustaches and moustache kits