Hi-Tec National Trust Walking Boots

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Hi Tec National Trust Altitude IV WPi NT Enviro Walking Boots


The Hi-Tec Altitude IV WPi NT Enviro are some cool walking boots that are paired up with the National Trust to protect the environment.


The walking boots are a nice horse chestnut colour and are VERY comfy to wear! They are very light so don’t slow you down and have very grippy soles which are also very good. They keep your feet warm on a cold day so if it was 2 degrees your feet would still be about 16 degrees. The boots are also waterproof. I did a walk in the rain and my feet stayed really dry. That is because Hi-Tec have used something called ion-mask technology to make them waterproof.


How are they friendly to the environment?

The whole point of the boots is to try and be kind to the environment which is why they are working with the National Trust. They even have the little National Trust logo on them. The upper part of the boots are made by using water based cements, they are manufactured from naturally dried leather, recycled metal shanks and recycled rubber soles. Those are just a few of the things that make this boot good for the environment.


How much are they?

Normally the kids walking boots are £50 but if there is a sale they are usually £30.


The Walking boot sizes are as follows: Men’s sizes 7-14 Women’s sizes 4-9 and Kids Sizes junior 10-6 UK.

Cool rating

I think these walking boots are perfect for walking and because of that I am going to give these boots a 5/5.

If you want to find out more about the boots and how they are good for nature click the link below.



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