Raleigh Diamond Back DBR Ridge Mountain Bike

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Raleigh Diamond Back DBR Ridge Mountain Bike


The Raleigh Diamond Back DBR Ridge mountain bike is an awesome bike we got from Argos.

It is a very cool bike and is very easy to use.


The gears are quite epic gears. The bike has an awesome amount of gears – 24.They are EZ fire click gears so you flick one switch and it changes up then you flick another and it changes down. This is much easier than the twisty type especially for kids to use.



The brakes are hydraulic disk brakes not v brakes and are very touch sensitive which is good in some places but bad in others. If you put your fingers on the brakes you might accidentally press the brake and slow down.


This bike is in a small 16 inch frame which means it’s small enough for a growing kid. Raleigh say 14 but I can get on it comfortably and I’m only 10 and quite small. The small frame means you can get a proper adult styled bike and gear even if you are only a kid. You can see in this video it fits me pretty well.

Wheels and frame

The bike has 26 inch wheels which are good for touring or mountain biking. The wheels are quite big but perfect for a 10 year old and make it an exciting ride.



The price of the bike was £449.99 but is reduced to £359.99 which is quite expensive but it is worth it for the bike because this is the kind of bike that will last a long time.


The bike has a very cool system for suspension. It only has front suspension but has 2 little switches on the handles which change the suspension. If you put the blue switch down then it has full soft suspension for mountain biking. Then if you put the red switch down it puts the suspension to the minimum so when you are touring on road it doesn’t use up all of your energy.

Cool Rating

I would give this bike a 4/5 just because they could improve on the brakes making them not quite so touch sensitive. But may I’ll get used to that.

Raleigh Diamond Back DBR Bike

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5 thoughts on “Raleigh Diamond Back DBR Ridge Mountain Bike

  1. Sorry, but I’m afraid this bike Is to big for you. There is a difference between being able to get ON a bike and being able to Make it fit propperly. When you say about it being good for 10 year olds, well that’s not true – it is designed manely for adults. Prehaps you should of put “It fits some 10 year olds, but it is designed for adults.” If not – adults might think it is for young kids – which it is clearly not. It IS designed for adults. However apart from that, it is a great review (maybe you could of used more tehcinal terms) and it is the only full on review of this bike

    1. That’s a good point but actually it fits me pretty well. In fact I am going to cycle across the Balkans on it. Really, truly this summmer. With my Dad. Anyway you are right that it is not designed for kids and maybe I should make that clear in the post. Thanks for your comments, really helpful.

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