Jupiter Bivi Bag from Terra Nova

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IMG_5349Bivi Bags

The bivi bags from Terranova are perfect for camping out in the wild. You can’t really say you have slept outside until you have tried one of these. I am going to put up a series of posts about the bivi bags, so watch out for the next few ones!

The Jupiter Bivi

The Jupiter bivi bag is basically a mini tent. It takes only a minute to assemble. When you get the Jupiter bivi out of its pouch you will find 4 pegs, a green bivi bag, 2 guy ropes and a  pole. The front of the bivi includes a midge net which is very useful when you are somewhere where there are a lot of midges. The way to assemble it is connecting the pole, and sliding it into the hooped front. Next find the little holes and put the pegs in to secure it to the ground. Then put the guy ropes on and find a twig or another peg to hold the guy ropes in. Finally zip up or down the midge net on the inside depending on insects. You are all ready to start camping.

The Downsides

The downsides are: it is a bit claustrophobic, and you have to leave the entrance open a tiny bit because you might suffocate. Also you have nowhere to put your walking boots except outside in the rain or in your bivi. If you leave them out in the rain, your boots fill with water and won’t be very nice to put on in the morning. But if you put them inside your bivi, because the inside is white, the dirty mud gets inside, and next time you come to sleep in your bivi there will be mud everywhere.

Tarp camp

The Upsides

The upsides are, it’s a mini tent which is epic and easy to assemble, it comes in a sleeve which isn’t very big and can be carried around easily.


The cost of the Jupiter bivi is quite expensive as it costs £270. But it is definitely worth it for the awesome bivi bag that comes through your door.


The Jupiter bivi bag comes in 2 different colours, red and green.

Cool rating

I would give this bivi bag a 4/5 and they could improve by making it a bit bigger which will make it less claustrophobic.Or maybe having a window so you could see out.


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