Adventure Tarp 2

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Tarp camp

Terra Nova Adventure Tarp 2

The Terra Nova Adventure Tarp 2 (in the middle above) is a shelter for lightweight camping, without a tent. Tarp is short for tarpaulin.There are lots of different ways to put a tarp up so it’s a very flexible and handy thing to carry.

How do you put the tarp up?

The easiest way to put the tarp up is to gather some rocks and sticks, then you can put the tarp on the ground and lay the rocks on the bottom edge of the tarp. Next put the big stick upright at the top of the tarp and put the little stick at the bottom to make an entrance. You can also buy poles that go in the little hole at the bottom in the middle and at the front of the tarp instead of the sticks. The you can put your bivvy bag in. One of the other ways to put the tarp up is to get some string, put the string through the corners and then tie the sting to some nearby trees. There are a load of other ways to put the tarp up though. These are just 2 of them.



The price of the Adventure Tarp 2is £40 which is a very good price for the tarp and it just gives you that little bit of extra protection that you might need. The tarp is very light weight and can fit in a tiny bag that you can carry around with you.


The only available colour for this tarpaulin is green but the colour doesn’t really matter for the tarps. And green blends in well so you are camouflaged when camping.


The size of the tarp is 248 cm by 290 cm so it is quite big. But it can fit in a really small bag!!!!

Cool rating

I would give this tarp a 5/5. My reason being that it is very multifunctional. You could use it as a shelter for those windy days or protection from the rain or even as a sun shade. There are also a load of different ways to use it. That is why I have given the Adventure Tarp 2 a 5.


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