The Discovery Bivi

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The Terra Nova Discovery Bivi

The Terra Nova Discovery bivvy bag is an awesome bivvy big that is very comfy to sleep in.

How it works

The Discovery bivvy bag works as a big zip up waterproof compartment. It is big enough to fit a HUMAN inside! Oh wait it is supposed to fit a human inside it. That’s the point. You undo the zip, Stick your sleeping bag and thermarest inside, slide in, get all comfy and then when you are ready to go to sleep you can zip it up and get off to sleep. And is it’s made of special waterproof material so you know you won’t get wet if it rains.

Best thing about it

The best thing about it is that you can zip it up and you can’t do this in all bivvy bags. For example with the Terra Nova Moonlight sleeping bag cover/bivvy bag, you haven’t got a zip so the midges can eat you alive. Is that what you want? No? Well if not I suggest you buy the Discovery bivvy bag. I know it’s more expensive but isn’t your life worth it?


The colours that you can get with this bivvy bag are green and red. I tried the red. It stands out which might not be good if you want to hide in a field or something like that.



The price that this bivvy bag is at is £200 can sometimes get it cheaper. Some people may think that is way too expensive but remember what I said before. You don’t want to eaten alive by midges. Believe me. And once you’ve bought it you will never need to pay for a hotel again.

Worst thing about it

The worst thing about it is that you can’t shut it completely because you might suffocate. Apart from that this bivvy bag is, in my opinion, awesome.

Cool Rating

I give this bivvy bag a 5/5 cool rating because it is very good and really easy to get into. And despite being cool it really keeps you warm/


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