Nintendo DS Lite

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The Nintendo DS Lite was the first Nintendo DS console to really strike big. If you have been living on the moon read this first then progress onto the second paragraph. The original DS was outsold by the Lite because it was thinner, the screen was brighter and the stylus was thicker, making it easier to hold.

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Why buy the Lite?

The DS Lite was a progression from the original DS because of the slimmer frame that held the same functionality and yet more. They both can hold GBA or Game boy advance games giving the ability to play games that are much older than the DS itself. The touchscreen so often identified with the DS is there and the resolution is incredibly more powerful than the older DS. Also there has been slite (HAHAHAHAHA get it s-lite!) adjustments to the internet and the home screen.

Where can I get it?

Since the release of newer products such as the DSi and the DSi XL and not forgetting the 3DS and 3DS XL, the DS Lite has stopped being produced, but you can still get them from Amazon, Ebay or most online retailers. You might be able to persuade your mum, dad or other assorted family members that it is an antique and would sit well on their mantelpiece of pride and old stuff, then they might go get it for you. But if you want a more modern console that will make all your friends jelly, go down the DSi, DSi XL, 3DS or 3DS XL route.


The DS Lite gets a 3/5 compared to the first DS rating of 2/5. It only gets this rating because it is overshadowed by the latest DS models, but if there is a comeback I look forward to seeing the DS Lite take flite (HAHAHAHAHA get it f-lite!) once again.

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