Winsor & Newton Complete Sketching Wooden Box Art Set Case

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If you love art this is the perfect case for you.The case has everything you could want for doing anything arty.


The equipment you get with the case includes: a paintbrush, some charcoal, 4 pencils, 2 woodless pencils, a putty rubber, a block of sand paper, 4 soft pastels, some black ink, a 2 hole sharpener, an easel and the case for carrying it all in. You can always buy some more paintbrushes and add them to your collection.

The best thing about the case

The best thing about it is that it can carry everything you need for your art anywhere and everywhere. It is an awesome way of carrying all of your art needs without ruining anything. It also has compartments to help you organise your materials and keep things separate.


The worst thing about it

The worst thing about it is that it is quite heavy once you have got everything that you need in there. Also the box is made of wood which is quite heavy.


The price of the case is £30 which is a really good offer and quite cheap for an art case that is like this one with all of the equipment in.

Cool rating

The Windsor and Newton sketching set is a really good case which is why I am giving it a 4/5. They could improve on making the box a bit lighter to carry.



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