Nintendo DS Phat

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From the briefest of times playing on a straight off Nintendo DS Phat at my friend’s house, I remember trying to compare it to my DS Lite and finding it inferior. I should really have been comparing it to models like to GBA or Game Boy Advance and the Nintendo cube since the system compares more to them than the Lite. As an old device it is the best creation Nintendo hit on in a while but now it is outdated and an antique. Only collectors would ever use it anymore. No offence collectors; don’t be mean to me!


What is it like to play?

The controls of the DS are arranged strangely, or if you are used to those controls, the Lite’s controls are weird. There is no pictochat option and the graphics look stone age. Not literally stone age, as the DS is not a chunk of rock, except if compared to the 3DS (chuckle chuckle)

How is it similar to the other models?

Although older, the DS still features the dual screen mayhem seen in all the models however the screen quality is lower. The touch screen is also a lesser quality. The stylus is thinner making harder to grip but the GBA slot actually is better than the Lite as it doesn’t stick out half as much as the Lite. The Lite is liter though (HAHAHAHAHA liter, get it!)


The DS gets a 2/5 as it is older but not necessarily wiser than the Lite. Its games repertoire is quite a lot less than the lite but I think that if it was not overshadowed by the later models in the line, it would be quite a promising games console.

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