Nintendo DSi

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The Nintendo DSi is the next step of evolution in the Nintendo DS line. Although a lot has been scrapped, it is still recognizable as one of the iconic set. It’s dual screen that gave it it’s name is still there, but the home screen has been redesigned and offers much more simplicity than the DS lite’s. Unless you have a cluttered mind, which if my room is anything to go by, suggests why I liked the DS Lite’s screen better than the DSi’s.

DSi photo 1What’s new?

The DSi includes a camera, the first camera to be included in a DS model. Since this camera was so good it allowed new games such as pictionary to be introduced utilizing the camera, which is quite a powerful camera at 640 x 480 pixels which although is quite large compared to previous models at none, still has a long way to  go to be the best.

The Nintendo store

The DSi has the new feature of the Nintendo store, where you can buy small almost indie games to play straight from your home screen. Since I am lazy this is the perfect tool  for me as instead of waiting for the game to arrive. (Which takes at least 2 days, 2 DAYS, 2 WHOLE DAYS OF MY LIFE!) I can instantly buy it and have it arrive immediately. (AH BLISS)


The DSi Gets a 3/5 as although it is an improvement on some of the areas that the DS needed to work on, the camera still leaves a lot to be desired.

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