Kid Icarus Uprising

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Kid Icarus Uprising is one of those games where it looks good both on the inside and out. It really utilises the features the 3DS adds to the game. The use of 3D is superb, especially with the bosses. (Who knew beating a three-headed dog was so hard?) Also the graphics are much improved from the original game which had like 20 pixels and Medusa looked like a deformed snake. This is what the second generation of the original game looked like:

Kid Icarus

Great things about this game:

One of the great things about the game is that the multiplayer features mirror gameplay of the singleplayer option. This means you can focus on the singleplayer aspects and then quickly switch seamlessly to multiplayer, crushing everyone in your path. There is also the new flight mode and land mode giving you two ways to play. There are age old enemies like Cerberus and new enemies such as Dark Pit. (The music for that part is epic, by the way, best music in the game.)

Kid Icarus uprising

Things that could be improved:

Although the main storyline is great it kinda feels like there is not much re-playability, if there was some sort of mission system running parallel to the main story. This would make the game last longer, although the game can take a long time to complete if you are a noob like Cameron with maybe 6-8 hours of gameplay. And that’s if you are choosing to spend on the easy option.


Kid Icarus Uprising gets a 4/5 as it has great graphics and gameplay but maybe the storyline could be extended slightly though.

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