Flips Too Ghoul For School

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I have always wanted to take 5 big books on my holidays but we never have the space. Then we were looking for a ds game and I found flips too ghoul for school.

What is flips too ghoul for school?

Flips too ghoul for school is a reading ds game. There are 7 books on the ds game. Once you open a book you have loads of awesome features. You can read the book, collect mini beasts but to complete the book you actually have to read it. You have to fill in the quizzes about the book. That means you can’t cheat!

Best thing about it

The best thing about it is that it doesn’t take up much space. Instead you have to carry a DS and a game around instead of 7 books.


The price of the game when it first came out was about £20. I got it preowned for £11 about a year and a half ago. So you might get it really cheap now.

Worst thing about it

The worst thing about it is that sometimes, when you have read a book, the DS game says you haven’t completed it although you have. Also my game sometimes glitches out.

Cool Rating

I would give this DS game a 3/5. Although it saves space it is sometimes a real pain and you can have problems with it. Overall it is a good DS game.

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