Nintendo 3DS

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The Nintendo 3DS is a Nintendo gaming console that gives the 3D element to the Nintendo games. The specialised games that you can buy for it have the ability to become 3D in front of your very own eyes. It uses different technology to 3D TVs because unlike them, there is no need to wear those itchy, sweaty, stupid glasses you need for 3D TVs.


But I heard it hurts your eyes

It is a myth probably spread by Nintendo’s haters (not that there are any) that the 3DS hurts your eyes in 3D mode. If used correctly, the 3DS should enhance gameplay, not hurt you! The haters of Nintendo products are so jelly they have to resort to petty things like rumour spreading.

Will it work with my DSi games?

The 3DS works with all types of Nintendo games but the 3D option will not work, only with the special games that you buy for it. But some of those games use the 3D features spectacularly like Kid Icarus Uprising, where they give the flight mode effects that couldn’t have been achieved without the 3D feature.


The 3DS gets a 4/5 as the 3D effects really add to the console and is a real addition to the features of the 3DS and gives it a real boost over some of the other consoles on the market.

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