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Some people say that the DSi XL is just a bigger version of the DSi and that it doesn’t make it better, just it’s more chunky and harder to carry. But I know the secret… It’s more but also what people think it is AT THE SAME TIME! (Dun dun duuuuuun!)


But isn’t it just a bigger DSi?

AAAAAAAARGH! NO! The DSi XL is not just a bigger DSi, there are some features that mark them apart. Yes it looks like a bigger DSi but the larger screens add to the experience of playing the games.

Why shouldn’t I just get a cheaper DSi?

Because the DSi XL does have some upsides over the DSi. On the DSi XL’s lowest brightness setting, it has more battery than the regular DSi on its lowest. Plus it’s like ordering a slushie, once you have the choice always go for the extra large! The speakers have better sound quality and the DSi weighs more than the XL despite the size difference.

Does it work with my old DS games and what colours are there?

Yes the DSi XL works with your old DS games but it does have games that utilise the camera features it got from the DSi. It comes in a fairly wide range of colours from wine red and dark brown to the newer blue, green and yellow consoles. It is a bit weird that it does not come in standard black or Snow White because sometimes people like simple colours rather than the fancy brighter colours.


The DSi XL gets a 3/5 as although some of the features are more advanced, the concept of the DSi XL seems to defeat the purpose of a handheld console. It is too big to carry in my pocket with the screen alone almost twice as big (93%) as the DSi.

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