Pokemon Heartgold

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Pokemon Heartgold is a Pokemon game that is a reboot of the old Johto games. The big difference between Heartgold and the other newish Pokemon games is that, going back to the old design, the Pokemon follow you around. (My little porcupine Cyndaquil thing looks so cute!)

pokemon heartgold

What is so good

Pokemon Heartgold improves on the original game by adding some more Pokemon to the pokedex from later generations and also, adding at the end of the game the chance to go to Kanto and face off against the gym leaders there. You get to go on a choo choo. A CHOO CHOO TRAIN! Also for once the ledgendary Pokemon is a fire Pokemon, my favourite type. This is quite rare as the only games that have this are Heartgold, Black, and White 2.

Things to improve on

Heartgold could improve on the… um the.. the..the animations! The animations on some of the Pokemon’s moves are sometimes quite glitchy and could be tweaked but apart from that…


Pokemon Heartgold gets a 3/5 as although it was a great game there were quite a few glitches (such as when I was trying to trade for a Chikorita, when I received it it the sprite viewed it as a Feraligatr) and some of the bosses were very hard to defeat, which depending on what kind of person you are, could be great or really really frustrating.

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