Personalized coca cola

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The question that spins round in my head every time I see a personalized bottle of coke, (e.g one with the name John on) is does it taste better if it has my name on it? As the bottles are quite common it seems that it is a question that is spinning round quite a lot. When I got one with my name on it, someone took the cap off the coke with the question on in my head and it exploded. Literally. All over my brain. They say our bodies are about 80% water. Mine is probably more cola than water now.
I think it is not just that it seems to be calling for you, but also that for strange sentimental reasons it seems to be only for you. Not that it isn’t. There are no other people called Matthew in the world are there? I hope not, if someone comes asking for a sip of my personalized coca cola, I certainly won’t be sharing.

But isn’t it bad for you?

No! Well yes, but when I had heat exhaustion from pulling a trailer up loads of hills, I was sick quite a lot and one of the best things you can have is… Flat coke! So there peoples that say coke is always bad. Yeah. Go coke. Woohoo!


Those personalized cokes with my name really do taste better. In fact watch out the way before I consume them all. These cokes get 5/5 because of the fact that it really does taste better with your name on it. And anyone who says it doesn’t is wrong. NO CAMERON! GET AWAY FROM MY COKE!

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