Drawn to life

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Drawn to life was a game that at first seemed like a scribblenauts game but progressed from there. A game that let you draw what stuff looks like. What shall we do?
drawn to life

What do you do?

In Drawn to life, the objectives are to save everybody in (name of your choice village and destroy Wilfred, a darkness monster. I called my village Destructown. See what I did there?

So Wilfred is your enemy. Why?

Because Wilfred stole all the pages from the book of life, the thing that kept the sun shining, the rain falling, the eternal flame burning and my awesome looking gun shooting.He was once a villager himself but he thought that he could do a better job with the book of life, but when he scribbled something out, a shadow was created. Then he was taken over by shadows and ripped the pages of the book of life out to be blown away by the wind.

So there are villagers?

Oh yes! These look particularly derpy and rather strange. They are called raposas and you have to rescue three of them from each level. Also, you are their “god” the creator and the raposa who called you, Mari is the daughter of the mayor and later SPOILERS! Becomes mayor after the mayor at the time, an old fart, is killed by Wilfred.


Drawn to life is an excellent game but I was a bit creeped out by the occupants of the village the raposas. I would give this game 4/5 as it was a very good game but the graphics were quite limited.

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