USB Wristband Battery

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Have you ever been in a dilemma with your phone running out of charge in the middle of something important? Well this is the solution. The USB wristband battery from Brando.

What is the USB wristband battery?

The USB wrist band battery is a magical wristband that can charge anything from an iPhone to a phone from Samsung. That means you can finish that important message or phone call or whatever you are in the middle of without running out of power. Also if you are miles away from a socket because your granny has taken you to Pontins AGAIN for the 89,000,000th time and making you do bingo to win a stupid little tea spoon while your iPod is running out of charge, you can plug your iPod into the wristband to charge it and then secretly play Minecraft under your bingo card. Then every so often, stamp your bingo dobber on any random number and just hope you don’t win.


It can charge lots of different devices using a set of charging tips. Tips fit onto a little extension lead and include Apple 30 pin charger, Samsung F480 charger, Sony PSP charger, Nokia 2.0mm charger, Nintendo DS lite charger and the Nintendo DSi charger. You also get a charging lead to recharge the wristband from a USB port.

Things they could improve on

They could improve on making it a bit smaller for children’s wrists. My wrist can hardly fit in the wristband but that might just be for me because I have small wrists. Also I think it wouldn’t appeal to some people because the only colour is black but if they made it different colours then it would appeal to everyone.


The price of the USB wristband battery is £23 which is very cheap considering some of the portable chargers you get are around are £40.

Cool Rating

I would give the USB wristband battery a 4/5.I have marked it down slightly because it is quite big and wouldn’t fit on some people. Overall it is quite a good lifesaver if you are in desperate need of charge. That is why I have given it a 4.

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One thought on “USB Wristband Battery

  1. Cam, that looks like just the sort of thing we would have needed on this holiday! Because as it was, camping on small farm campsites, charging our gear turned out to be the one most challenging thing. Smartphone! The DS! Even our flashlights are chargeable (though they lasted almost the entire holiday with one charge). I crawled around for outlets in campsites’ common rooms, sat beside shaver outlets in restrooms, beleaguered the car’s cigarette lighter with one device after the other while driving. Modern times, a real pest.

    We ended up with a LED lamp that would charge on a small solar cell and, indeed, a crank, and could lend its power to a USB outlet. So, who wanted to play the DS, needed to turn the handle!

    I’ll write something on this in our blog, but the travel diary comes first.

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