Samsung galaxy camera

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The Samsung galaxy camera is one of the newest editions to the Samsung family. It is a very high quality piece of kit and one that is super useful to have for anyone at all.



The camera is extremely user friendly and is very easy to use. If even a technophobe like my mum can use it, any child from 4 up can use it. It can use voice commands to take photos, remind you of all your appointments and even help you to find specific websites. The Samsung Galaxy camera will fit into your life with the tiniest of splashes and soon you will not only be raving about it to all your friends, but also getting all your family one and maybe even buying yourself a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone once you get used to the interface.


The camera is hugely sharp and the quality of the pictures is astounding with the exact details of everything coming out sharper than a big chunky canon camera. The pinch to zoom is helpful when you need it and the voice commands are breathtaking when used to their full extent. just saying cheese is enough to shoot a master piece of a photo that will have the pride of the mantelpiece only until your next picture. You can upload your snaps straight onto Facebook or Twitter fast with the option to upload as soon as you take the photo. Its 3G allows it to connect anywhere there is a phone tower and this means your Facebook timeline better prepare for a new update every 5 minutes.


The Samsung Galaxy camera is very heavy for it’s size and is not exactly pocket sized. with it’s screen alone taking up 4.8 inches. If you want a quick snap it is probably better to carry around a phone which has the same capabilities but for heavy duty, high quality shooting, the Galaxy camera definitely comes out on top.


I would rate the Samsung galaxy camera 4/5 for it’s amazing functionality.

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