Sega Superstars Tennis

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SEGA superstars tennis was a game that probably spent most of its money on just the start animation. It began with a bang. Loads of SEGA characters prancing around, then leaping into action to bat, or whack or whatever it is tennis players actually do, a ball high above stuff.
sega superstars tennis

So what is the game actually like?

The game itself, I found quite boring, having only to slightly adjust your sitting position and let the computer battle it out between its own team and the CPU playing for your team. Sometimes you have to serve and bat (oh not this again) the ball but most of the time my CPU is leaping around at the front, stoping everything that comes to it.

So what else can you do

You can play minigames which are quite fun, especially the one where you run as far as you can and destroy stuff with tennis balls. I like destroying stuff, particularly when it looks like an angry tiki face, when I hit it, IN ITS FACE, it died and two more came on. Goody!! (Claps like an excited two year old)

What characters can you play as?

You can play as any of the standard SEGA characters such as Sonic, Shadow or Tails, or some of the more obscure characters such as the Viking dude or beats and stuff. Also you can unlock several characters through the medium of cups. There is a character for loads of people’s personalities.


SEGA Superstars tennis gets a 3/5 as although it had the characters and some of the music I like in a game, the actual tennis was a bit slow paced for me.

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