Lego Batman the video game

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Lego batman the video game was less exciting than I had expected, after playing lego star wars and lego indiana jones. I found it more slow paced but it had far more chances to muck around on including the old favourite, push your partner off tall stuff! I just love to watch him climb up for yet another go!

lego batman

What parts of Batman do you play through?

You play through some custom parts of batman, but against villains any Batman fan or even batman noob would recognise, from obvious villains such as the Joker, the Penguin and Harley Quinn, to the more obscure ends of the batman universe like man bat and killer moth.

What can I play it on?

You can play this game on many platforms, such as nintendo ds, Xbox 360, PS2, PS3, PSP, Mac, Windows and also it came to mobile devices such as the apple app store recently.

What is different from the other LEGO games?

Well the basic game mechanics are the same, collect studs, kill bosses, make things out of random LEGO stuff hanging around and progress in the game, but on of the big differences is the fact that you can play as the villains of the story as well as the heroes such as batman, batgirl, robin and also nightwing, which is robin but with a cooler weapon and costume.

Wait, so I can make AND break the law?

Yeah, and there’s a cool trick for grabbing loads of studs as well. If you head into arkham asylum and find a character with super strength, there’s a cell wall you can knock down which then lads into a room which gives you free coins. Then leave arkham and enter again for more coins. Arkham is where you can play all the villain storylines and fight for evil and lots and lots of money. 🙂


LEGO Batman the video game was a cool game to play and one which broke one of the usual rules of gaming which is that you are limited just to one side of the story. But, sometimes the levels moved a bit slowly for my liking. So Lego Batman the video game gets a 4/5.

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