Mario Kart DS

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As one of the first carting games, Mario kart DS certainly set the standard, and the fact that Mario was involved was just a bonus! This game was the first I played of the sort and it blew me away. After playing this, Dreamworks remix of it entitled Shrek Kart looked like total trash.


What is so good about it?

The fact that there are several different modes can really change the way you play with your friends. For example, when playing against my brother I suck at racing him but you can bet I own him on balloon battle and star shine without even trying. The maps are so different in range that if you are great at one map, there is always the chance that someone else could beast you at another map, giving you the encouragement to keep playing and to be the very best that no one ever was.

What’s different from the WII edition?

The maps are different, obviously, but as well, the DS edition is better in the sense that the WII edition doesn’t have star shine. But on the other hand, the WII edition of the game has more characters including Baby Mario. Who wouldn’t want to be Baby Mario? (Shut up Cameron!)


I would give Mario Kart DS a 3/5 as although the game itself is very good, it doesn’t have a very good selection of characters. The robot diner (who is that thing even supposed to be?) who is the hardest to unlock, doesn’t seem to have any special abilities or vehicles that add value to your game.

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