Lego Indiana Jones

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Lego Indiana Jones was a game I bought for the LEGO element of the game but it exceeded my expectations a lot. I first actually played this game at my friends house, but neither of us were taking it seriously, just taking turns to stand in the corner and pretend we were peeing. Turns out LEGO characters can actually pee, and what comes unfortunately, is not a stream of studs.

lego indiana jones


So is it like the films?

Well done Sherlock! Maybe you picked up on the Original adventures part of the name or maybe you’re just naturally as brainy as the famous detective. If so, YAY! If not, I was being sarcastic. Oh you know what, just keep reading. Yes as Indiana Jones and a multitude of his friends/companions, you play through some of the earlier films, such as  Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom, and Last Crusade. You can also mix up the films by going into free play mode and grabbing some characters from completely different films and throwing them straight into the party.

Are there any minigames?

Sure, for a hefty price you can buy any minigames you’v unlocked through the mystical RED POWER BRICKS found, one in every level. There’s even a mini game which includes monkey brains! You have to cook them up, and fry them, which is probably really bad for your health. So beware, don’t try this at school or you’ll have the PE teachers wondering why the whole class looks so chubby.

Are there many characters?

Yeah there are 81 characters for you to unlock. And some have like secret abilities which can get you into secret areas, like Indy’s whip ability to get across large gaps with a whip pad. There’s also a shovel ability, for characters with shovels, they can dig up hidden treasure hidden under sparkly ground. There are also some characters not in the films which are only available through a) cool hax, b)a lot of time and effort or c) Intrnet walkthroughs and cheat codes. Through all of these you can get SANTA! He attacks with a candy cane but I think Santa should be totally O.P.


LEGO Indiana Jones was a great game with lots of features and stuff. I’m going to give it a 4/5 because I liked it as much as LEGO Star wars, and (secret: If you get one of th console editions of the games, there are actually LEGO Star wars characters in special hidden areas in the first 5 levels, CHEWY, LUKE, LEIA, C3PO and R2D2. If you find them you can buy HAN SOLO.) Overall, LEGO Indiana Jones was a lot of fun.

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