Amateur Surgeon 3

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Amateur surgeon 3 is a free gripping game that you can get on platforms iOS and android. If you don’t want to jump straight into the series you might want to get the first and second games which will lead you up to Amateur surgeon 3.

What is Amateur Surgeon 3?

Amateur surgeon 3 is a game where you are an apprentice doctor and you have to save all sorts of strange animals and people. One minute you are saving a robot the next minute you are performing surgery on a bear that has just died. A BEAR!!! And not the derpy cute kind of bear. A massive Grizzly bear. That Has just kind of died. Yeah that.

Why play it?

Why not? It is an addictive game that you can hardly put down once you’ve picked it up. And it’s fun. You can perform on Mr Giblets! Why wouldn’t you want to do that?


The downsides of the game is that because you are moving your fingers so much, they start to hurt after a while. Also it is quite annoying because if your patient dies 3 times you have to wait half an hour to perform on it again.

Cool rating

I would give this game a 4/5 because it is a really addictive game but it hurts your fingers every so often. Overall it is a brilliant game which I highly recommend.

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