Pokemon mystery dungeon: Blue rescue team

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Pokemon mystery dungeon: Blue rescue team was a game that requires a lot of skill. A lot of strategy and most of all, a lot of inventory space from all the loot you pick up. Here’s a maths question. If there is like a million pieces of loot and only about 10 spaces in your inventory at first, how are you supposed to cram every piece of loot you come across in your pack? Maybe your character stamps it all down to make space. Maybe that’s what your partner does. Or maybe he’s just meant to be a useless ball of belly button fluff.
pokemon mystery dungeon blue rescue team

What makes it different from other Pokemon games?

The fact that you play as a Pokemon in a world full of Pokemon makes it different. You don’t know how you got here as you are a human and stuff. And then suddenly you’re a Pokemon. SUPRISE! You wake up with a huge pile of fluff leaning over you. AAARGH!!!

So how did I get to be a Pokemon

Spoilers. Cannot tell you. People in the place where you are fantasise that you were a bad trainer to nine tails, and so nine tails cursed you. But that is revealed to be a lie. Nine tails says so himself, if you’d bothered to ask him. Lazy guts.

Which Pokemons can you play as?

You can play as a range of Pokemon from the first few generations. I like playing as the fire types from the generations as it makes me feel like I’m singing their eyebrows with my flamethrowery goodness.


I would give Pokemon mystery dungeon: blue rescue team a 3/5 as there is just waaay too much loot for my liking. Seriously. TOO MUCH LOOT!
But it offered enough of a difference to make the game interesting for me.

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