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Playground was a different kind if game from what I was expecting. After entering a competition to design your own playground I thought it was going to be like that. Turns out you just have to get stickers. But stickers are good. Stickers make the world go round. Shut up Mr sciencey person.

What are the objectives?

The objectives of the game are to beat every single person in the park at their own game. That does make them all sound like evil geniuses but they are not all evil geniuses or genii or whatever plural genius people are or, NO I’m getting sidetracked again. Not everyone in the playground is an evil genius. Except Raz. Why does he have to do that every single time? He has to be cheating and using HAX. He should be exterminated or something.

Why do I need stickers?

Cos they’re awesome.

Also it’s a record that you beat them or whatever. Also, you can buy stickers with these like little gemmy things you find by rustling bushes and pawning people. The stickers you buy give you magical powers like a fairy or a unicorn or a leprechaun or an elf or a goblin or a gnome or a wizard or a witch or a magic flying lesser ponytailed Johnny.


Playground gets a 3/5 as although the stickers aspect of the game was great, a lot of the game was spent trying to get past that damn Raz. Although I wish I could face him in trampoline so I could jump up and down on his head.

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