Super Pokemon rumble

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Super Pokemon rumble or Pokemon rumble blast, is a game of belly bumping other Pokemon to gain prizes and other cool stuff. There are many Pokemon to belly bump as you are yourself a Pokemon. Just imagine what this game would be like as a particularly chubby trainer, you’d end up with lot of squashed Pokemon.
super pokemon rumble

What Pokemon can you play as?

You can play as lots of Pokemon including Pokemon from black and white, but there are also Pokemon from past generations as well. If you talk to some special people, you get the chance to enter secret special magical real life codes to unlock Pokemon that appear in locations beyond the reach of those food loving greedy trainers. NO PIKACHU!!

Does it have a multiplayer?

Of sorts, yes it does. It has the street pass that allows you to, once you pass someone, they visit your shop and will allow you to belly battle their best Pokemon vs yours. This means that you can keep their head as a trophy if you win. Not literally in the game, but as a memento made of mental energy. This statue will never rot!

How long does it last?

The game lasts quite a long time. If you’re really rubbish you may never complete it. Yay endless fun! If you’re good though, (like me of course) the game can last about 6 or 7 hours, which can be quite a while in video game terms. It will at least last you a car journey and a half.


Super Pokemon rumble gets a 4/5 as Pokemon belly bumping is very fun but be warned, avoid it in real life if you don’t want to be totally shocked!

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