The Extreme Water Ball

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Extreme Water Ball Extreme Water Ball

The Water ball Extreme from Waboba is an awesome ball which bounces on water. It is meant for bouncing in knee deep water but can be bounced in whatever hight of water. I took it to our local swimming pool to try it out and here’s what happened…

Why Should I Buy It?

Have you ever tried a tennis ball in a swimming pool? Believe me it doesn’t work very well, for starters it doesn’t float. It sinks and gets soggy. But the Extreme Water Ball Solves all of those problems. One, it floats on top of the water. Two it has bright colours so you can see it easily and last but not least three, it bounces on water. And it feels like a MARSHMALLOW!! But don’t eat it otherwise you might end up in A and E.

Is There A Special Technique For Throwing It??

Well, I find you can bounce it two ways. One is like a skimming stone technique where you skim it low and it bounces off the water and the other is a slap throw where you throw it straight into the water and it bounces back up. But watch the ceiling!!

How Much Is It?

You can get the ball online at the Waboba website at the price of $8.99 (£5.54).

Cool Rating

I would give this ball a 4/5. My reason being that sometimes the water ball doesn’t always bounce.But that may depend on how you are throwing it. If you are going to play with it I suggest you play it in a swimming pool and not in the bath because your mum and dad might get really mad when there is loads of water on the ceiling. But if there are loads of people in the swimming pool it is probably not a good idea.

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