Ooozu Language Cards

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Ooozu language cards are a very helpful thing to take with you on holiday if you are one of those families that travels a lot. Do you go to all sort of different countries, so many that you can’t learn all the languages in time so you end up miming for days? Then this is the invention for you. This little video I made shows you the problem and the solution.



To test these out we went to a café in Morecambe. We tried to order a bacon butty, a cottage pie and a fish and chips in Greek. It didn’t turn out well.  Turns out they didn’t speak Greek or Turkish or Portuguese or Spanish or French or German. They only speak Morecambeish. Maybe we should have gone to London, or indeed Greece. More likely to have Greek speakers than a Lancashire seaside resort?



The price of the language cards are £1.99 each but you can buy a pack of 4 language cards for £5.99. The languages included in the pack are French, Spanish, Italian and German.

I asked my French teacher what she thought of them and she said they are a really good idea. “They are very practical and light and are just the right size to fit in your wallet or purse. And they have all the basic phrases you will need when visiting another country.” She said all this in English. But if she had said it in French, I might have understood her if I’d studied my language card. I wonder if there’s a school Greek teacher I could chat with?

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Best thing about them

The best thing about them is that they are easy to carry around, and have all the phrases you might need. They are pretty indestructible actually. I must test them out on my little cousins.


Cool Rating

I think these cards deserve a 4/5 because they are light, fit in a purse or wallet perfectly and don’t get damaged in rain or snow. However, they can’t contain some important phrases because they are a little bit too small. But overall this is a really good product if you like travelling because you don’t have to pull out a phrase book or rely on a mobile phone every time you want to speak to someone.

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