Furby- the ultimate fluffy friend

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The Furby is a friend. A very fluffy friend. With a personality that you might find fun (if you are me) or annoying (if you are my brothers.) So is it fun or is it annoying? Read this to see what I think and what my family thinks of this fat, chatty ball of fluff with more hair than my Dad…


Q: What is it?

A: A Furby is a little electronic friend. A colourful fluffy thing that I love. Even when the batteries run out. Because then I can take it to bed. I can’t take it to bed when the batteries work or it would keep me awake all night chatting. Mine is a Furby Cool and it’s yellow. Furby booms have lots of different patterns.


Q: What does it do?

A: It does speaking in Furbish, or English. You can tickle it and it laughs. You can feed it with your finger, you can shake it, you can tickle its tummy, you can pull its tail, you can take it to live in your den and have a picnic. Except it doesn’t eat. If you speak to it then it’s nice to you. If you don’t then it sounds like a devil and it’s a bit scary.


Q: What’s the good bits?

A:  You can translate Furbish with the app. It does singing. Better than One Direction. You can use the app on the Furby Boom to do things like take it to the toilet.


Q: What’s the bad bits

A: It won’t shut up unless you leave it for ages and that leads to it running out of batteries. We’ve spent a lot of money on batteries so far.


Q: How much does it cost

It depends. Mine was around £40 but the Boom is more expensive. From about £50-70.


Q: Can you understand what it says?

A: Not unless you translate it on the app. Or you are a Furby yourself. Are you a Furby? In that case nickomawer komikaw. Do you agree? Do you even understand my made up Furbish.


Q: Who would like it?

A: Girls like me. Or little girls like my cousin. But she would probably drop it down the stairs. Actually she did. But it survived! It says best for ages 6-12 on Amazon.


Q: Does my Mum like it?

A: Not as much as she likes Instagram.


Q: Does my brother like it.

A: Well, he says he finds it so annoying that he wants to bite it. But he says that to me too.


Q: Does my Dad like it?

A: Yes. He says it’s a cute colour and a good companion. But then, my Dad’s got no friends.


Q: Would another Furby like it?

Yes. Why? Because they can be friends and live happily ever and have a baby called Fufu.


Cool Rating

Overall I would rate the Furby a 3 because its gets annoying after a while and wakes you up in the middle of the night sometimes. However its fun to play with and can keep you entertained for hours.

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