Toxic Wastes

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Imagine a sweet so sour that once you put it in your mouth it spreads from your tongue to your popping out bulging eyeballs to your head where it feels like it’s going to explode. Where you’re dancing round the room desperately trying with all your might not to spit it out. Well, now there is. Toxic Waste is a line of sour candies that are sold in the UK, Ireland, United States and Canada. They come in drum containers and hold 16 pieces of sour candy which come in five different flavours.



There are five original flavours which are: apple, black cherry, watermelon, lemon and blue raspberry. There are also five new flavours in the new red range which are: raspberry, cranberry, red pear, red grape and strawberry.


The “sour challenge”

The sour challenge is a challenge set by the manufacturers. Just grab a friend and then see which one o you can keep it in for the longest without spitting it out.


How to survive the toxic wastes

Here are some top tips on how to survive the explosion of sourness.

  1. Eat something salty. If you have something salty before you put it in your mouth, the candy will relieve the salty flavour removing the sourness.
  2. Numb your tongue. If you put an ice cube on your tongue for one minute it will numb your tongue therefore making it easier to hold the pain.
  3. Think about things not related to food. It will take your mind off the fact that it’s so sour.
  4. Once you have taken it out of your mouth have a drink. Milk will get rid of that feeling of spice or sourness.
  5. Have something spicy afterwards. It may leave your tongue burning afterwards but it will get rid of that annoying flavour.




The price depends on which country or shop you go to. In our local shop they are around £1 but the price could differ at other places.


Cool Rating

I would give toxic wastes a 10/10 just because they are amazing and I love the challenge of the sourness. Overall these are really awesome sweets which can be really funny to watch your friends reaction when they first try one.

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