Video Star

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The video star app lets you make videos easily that appear to be astoundingly edited. It is very easy to use and has loads of shamazing special effects. The best thing about it though is that it’s absolutely free! Its packed with lots of special effects but you can always buy more. But you shall have more than enough to play around with.

So what does it do?

Well, it lets you create original videos for songs or anything else of your choice as long as you have it on your iOS device. You can then share them through email or social media apps.



Video Star doesn’t record audio, so if your dad is making a really big noise with a drill *cough* *cough* it won’t affect your audio. Also you can sing along to the recording as badly as you like because no one will hear it.


Can I share it with my friends?

Yes, Video star is magnificent for the use of sharing. You can share your creations by uploading them to YouTube or any other social media sites like Facebook, Instagram etc. And also share the URL via text, email, Facebook or Twitter.


Which songs can I do a Video Star to?

You can do a Video star to any song you like as long as it’s on your iOS device or on the video star app. You just choose you song and start shooting. You can choose to act as the song goes, mime lip movements, dance or whatever you want to do.


If I exit the app will it save my Video Star?

If you exit the app, it will save your Video Star so when starting again it will be all saved you can start shooting again without losing your whole Video Star.


Cool Rating

The technology of Video Star is very sophisticated and gives you brilliant gear to direct and also be the actors in your own videos. While this app may be a little puzzling at first, after a while you will easily know your way round the app like the back of your hand. The special effects as well as the filters load fast so it’s efficient and fast to make a video. I would give this app a 9/10.

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