Lego Marvel Super Heroes

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Lego Marvel Super Heroes is a shamazeballs game for Xbox, PlayStation, Wii U, Pc and Nintendo 3DS. There are lots of cool ways to play including the main storyline, roam mode, and other side stories!



The storyline is really awesome, with lots of missions to takedown bad guys while you are crossing the Marvel Universe. You can play as Iron man, Spiderman, The Hulk, Captain America and loads of other Marvel characters which unite together to try and stop Loki, Sandman and heaps of other villains to assemble a super weapon which could destroy the whole Lego universe. You have to track down Cosmic Bricks in main locations such as Stark Tower, The Hydra Base and The X-mansion. But don’t worry! Once you have finished the storyline then there are tons of other side stories and quests for you to take part and go on.



You can play as many characters on your journey across the marvel universe including Jean Grey, The Hulk, Spider Man, Captain America, The Black Widow or you can also play as the bad guys!!! If you want you can play as people like Dr.Doom, Dr. Octopus, Loki, The Destroyer and many other villains.



Throughout the game, you can unlock and buy many vehicles. The main storyline will unlock most of the vehicles but by doing side-quests you can unlock vehicles like pizza vans and other really cool stuff.



The price of the game differs, depending on which console you are playing on. If you are going to play on your PC then the cost of the game will be £24.99 whereas if you are playing on Xbox the price will be £34.99. These prices come from the Official Lego Shop.


Cool Rating

I would give this game a 4/5 because it is really awesome and has really good graphics but after the storyline it may be a bit confusing where you go after that.




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