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Operation is a game where you have to get some mini figures out of some little holes.  I always get the toilet out first. Mum says she doesn’t remember there ever being a toilet in Operation when she was a girl but there is! Operation Silly Skill game with sound effects could last for hours if you are a beginner and not very good. If you are an expert at it and you have had it for a long time than it could last for one second. It is really good and it is double the amount of fun if you are eight years old like me.


What do you do?

What you do is get the little pieces out of the mini plastic wallet and put them in the correct places (there are pictures showing you where to put them.)Then you turn it on and if you press the nose for more than five seconds it does all the sounds including burping and toilet flushing. To play a two player game you take turns to fish out the little white pieces. If it buzzes when you are trying to get it out then it is the other persons turn. Booo!

There are three settings. One and two tell you which piece to get and three is freehand. If you make it buzz you are out. The winner is the person with the most pieces.


Why I like it.

I like the different silly noises. Obviously I love the toilet flush best. My brothers like the gas from his bottom. My mum says she likes the chicken but there is no chicken. Maybe she means the dog. Or the frog. Or the bird.



The price is £14.31 on Amazon but there are lots of other places that you can get operation from. Or you can get it from Father Christmas like I did or for your birthday. It will make your birthday silly and hilarious. Especially if you get the giggles when you are getting the giggles out.


Cool rating

3/5 because it is really fun but the pieces get in Mums hoover and she gets really annoyed!



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