My favourite thing to do on a sunny day is… Video post

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My FAVOURITE way to spend a sunny day outside is… hmmm that’s a tricky one.

When I first heard about the MADs Kid Blogger of the Year competition I sat down for a long time trying to think just what my FAVOURITE thing to do on a sunny day is. But the longer I thought the more I couldn’t decide. So I decided to ask Mum and Dad what they thought an eleven year olds bestest thing might be. That was a mistake. It just gave them ideas.

So, one Saturday morning on the way to brass band, I asked Dad. He said “What about a bike ride to granny’s? Lets all go on a bike ride to grannys house.” Oh great I thought, because I really want to waste my precious time going over to somebody’s house for 3 hours when they don’t know what an iPod is and they keep turning off the Wi-Fi every time they try to change the TV channel.

On the way back from band I asked Mum. She had a plan. Of course she did. She said “Let’s go to Coniston and canoe to the islands.” Last time they took me to a lake I found myself putting my clothes in a Tupperware box and swimming across. So yeah, I really want to do that again!! But I didn’t want to hurt her feelings so I said nothing. Before I knew it she had jumped out of the car into Tesco and in a moment she had come back with a giant picnic including 10,000 sausage rolls, 40 sandwiches, 70 packs of crisps and 5 bottles of squash. Then when I plucked up the courage to tell her I kind of didn’t really want to go, those sausage rolls went flying all over the Tesco car park.

Because my Mum and Dad are travel writers they are always taking us places like Iceland and Montenegro and looking for action to write about. That means I have to be ‘the star of the show’. That may sound good but after doing twenty takes of going round a mall in a taxi pretending for the 13th time to enjoy it because they haven’t got the right shots, you kind of go off the idea.


Parents underestimate how much kids like doing nothing. At least mine do. Sometimes I think they forget that we have school for 7 hours, homework for 2, sitting on the bus for 1, tidying our rooms, earning our pocket money, piano practice, scouts, rugby, band, and having to squeeze in sleep in the extra time left. Is your life like this? Mine is.

I’ve often tried to tell them I’d rather chill out, but without upsetting them. I’ve tried a lot of different ways like…

  • ‘Accidentally’ losing my shoes.
  • Changing the lock on my room and can’t get out.
  • Having a big heartache.
  • Having to floss the cat.
  • There’s a disturbance in the forces and have to tend to them. (I’m talking Star Wars here people!)
  • Jimmy escaped and I have to find him.

I wondered if the only way to get through to them is by twitter or You Tube. So, I grabbed my sister who feels the same, pooled up all our pocket money and went out to shoot a video about what we’d really like to do on a sunny afternoon. Then raided dad’s video archives and edited this video together.

So there we go. Perhaps when you’ve finished reading this you could tweet my mum and dad a link at @familyonabike and let them know. I’d love to, but I’m at granny’s and she’s turned the Wi-Fi off because Deal or No Deal’s just starting.

THANKS to my friend Hamish (aged 11) for his shamazing camerawork. I owe you an ice cream Hamish! When the sun comes out of course!


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11 thoughts on “My favourite thing to do on a sunny day is… Video post

  1. Cameron, boys and girls, that was one cool post. Even though, being a blogging parent with kids of his own, it hurts my heart to see the hardship we are putting you lot through, I am impressed how well you seem to be able to wiggle yourselves out of it at least sometimes (accidentally lose your shoes? Really, that is an amazing trick you came up with!) so you can enjoy that extra bit of downtime. I also feel compassion for the hard time granny is inadvertently putting you through, I do the tech support for my kids’ grandparents, too. But perhaps you can help her with this stuff?

    Keep up the good work, you may soon outrun your parents as bloggers…

    1. Dear Thomas,
      You’d be less patient with my granny once you’d sat through one of her stories, they go on for years! Losing your shoes isn’t actually that difficult, ask your kids… I have loads more backup excuses but I can’t share them here in case my mum reads. Wait your not my mum are you?
      Got to go, as the dog’s just eaten my bike!

  2. I love this blog post, it really made me laugh because I think my children think just like you. (I’d better not show them your post because I know they’ll use your list of chill out excuses). The video is brilliant too. I have just one question – who’s Jimmy?

    1. You know, little Jimmy from down the road. Haven’t you got a little Jimmy down your road? I thought everyone had. But not the one with the eyes that don’t match!

  3. Hi Cameron (it’s Cameron, right?). This is an excellent post and I’ll have to keep it in mind. I wonder if I can put an idea into your head for a followup post, though: advice to kids about how to “do nothing” without annoying their parents so much that their parents decide they need to start doing *something*? Because that’s our issue in this house, and I just know my kids would listen to your advice better than they listen to me.

    (Warning: as a parent I reserve the right to vet your advice before showing it to my kids! This is *mutually* helpful tips we’re talking.)

    1. What a great idea, Bronwyn Joy. I’m thinking of writing a book, would you buy it? But I’ll have to find time to do it between doing everything and nothing.

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