Monster High Secret Creeper Pets

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What is a Secret Creeper Pet?

A Secret Creeper Pet is an animal that can keep your secrets. Mattel send me Watzit and Sir Hootsalot.


Why would you want a pet to keep your secret?

In our house no one can keep a secret. Everyone knows my brother has had a girlfriend even though he says he hasn’t and everyone knows that my mum keeps a hidden stash of chocolate in the kitchen cupboard and in her bedroom and in the garden shed. So a pet would be useful. And my mum won’t let me have a real dog because they make her eyes puffy.


How does it work?

Secret Creeper pet has a little leash with two keys. Both keys store the same secret and you can transfer the secret from pet to pet.


How do you do that?

By double tapping their brain and then stamping their feet together.



Don’t worry, no animals have been harmed in the making of these pets.


So what’s fun about them?

Say you have some very secret mega sours hidden in a very secret place and you wanted to remember that place, you could tell your pet by pressing and holding the brain and then speaking. It will record what you’ve said. But only if it’s less than ten seconds. So you can’t give massive instructions for your sweets. Maybe just a satnav code!


Why have two pets?

One pet can tell another. You can give them the secret by touching the pet’s feet. So then you have not one but two pets that know where your sweets are. Also if you lose one your sweets will not be lost forever. You can wear the leash like a bracelet too.


What else is fun about them?

They make funny noises that will drive everyone mad but mostly Dad. The owl hoots and squeals. The dog barks and growls and sleeps. But then so does my Dad.

Is there even more fun?

Yes! You can take them to a party. I took them to my Granny’s 80th birthday and my cousin loved them. We used them kind of like walkie talkies, with her in the bathroom and me in the bedroom. Now I know that she likes Joey Essex. Yuk. Even worse than One Direction!!!!!!!!



You can buy them for 14.99 each or you can buy Secret Critters which are little animals. You can also buy a crypt which is like a little home for them. It is £24.99 for it.



I would give this a 4/5 because you can store secrets that no one else can hear. It doesn’t get the full amount because if you lose the leash then you can’t tell any secrets. And sometimes they can be a bit noisy and like a Furby you can’t turn the volume down.


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