Chicken Charades

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Chicken charades is a game with a chicken. Mmmmn chicken.Not a real chicken a plastic chicken. #hopesanddreamsspoilt. But it would be awesomesauce if it was a real chicken. Mankind should make that.  Chicken Charades is charades with a twist, you have to act it out with the chicken.


So, do you do the washing up with the chicken?

Pffft, no that would just be silly.*mutters under his breath* “I’m so going to try that…”

Sometimes you get really silly cards to act out but you HAVE to use the chicken. Otherwise the Chicken Charades Police will come round to your house and send you to Chicken Prison DUN DUN DEEE… You will spend the rest of your life in a jail cell surrounded by chickens. It is a very easy game unless you get a hard thing to act out but don’t forget to use the chicken! Because we all know, you don’t want to end up in chicken prison… You probably think I am crazy now… BUT DON’T FORGET THE CHICKEN!


So, what do you do?

Before you start, pick a side which you are going to act on, red or green. You then you roll the dice and then the you look at the number on the dice and on your card and act it out, but beware because there is a ten second egg timer.


What is the holy price of Chicken Charades?

The price is £10.89 which is quite cheap for a game like this.


Cool Rating

I would give Chicken Charades a four out of five, because the chicken squeaks and in a normal game of charades you can’t talk, so I think the sqeaking counts as talking, but I love all the rest especially the bit were you have got to act it out in ten seconds. But remember, beware of the Chicken Charades Police because they will come and get you…

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