Plop Trumps

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Plop trumps are these cards about poos. They are all animal poos. Me and my best friend like the humpback whale because the poo looks like bacon. It is the best game ever unless you have been sick because you saw the yuckiest one which is the blue whale!!! If you go on holiday and you had brought them with you then you could try and find the animals poo and then smell it.(it is a bit like playing a game of spot the difference and I spy with my little eye.)


What do they have on them?

They have pictures of the poos on the cards and they tell you a bit about the animal e.g. a flamingo has 19 bones in their necks and a chameleons tongue is about one and a halve times bigger than their body. They also have features like any other top trumps game and the features are: frequency, hardness, length, width, smelliness and yuck factor there are also numbers next to the features. It also tells you whether the animal is vegetarian, carnivorous or both.


What you do?

If you know how to play top trumps then it is exactly the same. If you don’t know how to play then  read these instructions:

1. First you deal the cards out [one pile each]

2. Next you say a feature and then you both say your number


Me: Hardness

You: 4


That means I win and I get both of the cards. If you get the same number then you put them in the middle and on the next round whoever wins gets them.

3. If you want to know the winner, it is the person that has all the cards or most of them.



The price is between  £1.99-£7.60.


Cool rating:

I am going to give the plop trumps a 3/5 because it gets a bit boring after a while and that it doesn’t have instructions. I love all the rest of it. I think somebody has done one right now! Poowee!!!

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