Flips Too Ghoul For School

I have always wanted to take 5 big books on my holidays but we never have the space. Then we were looking for a ds game and I found flips too ghoul for school. What is flips too ghoul for school? Flips too ghoul for school is a reading ds game. There are 7 books on the ds game. Once you open a book you have loads of awesome features. You can read the book, collect mini beasts but to complete the book you actually have to read it. You have to fill in the quizzes about the book. That … Continue reading Flips Too Ghoul For School

Nintendo DS Lite

The Nintendo DS Lite was the first Nintendo DS console to really strike big. If you have been living on the moon read this first then progress onto the second paragraph. The original DS was outsold by the Lite because it was thinner, the screen was brighter and the stylus was thicker, making it easier to hold. Why buy the Lite? The DS Lite was a progression from the original DS because of the slimmer frame that held the same functionality and yet more. They both can hold GBA or Game boy advance games giving the ability to play games … Continue reading Nintendo DS Lite

Risk – Strategy Game

Risk is a very good board game which is quite old and some people play while some people don’t. I think it is a very good game though. How to play What you do is you get 25 men, colour of your choice and you get the pack of cards that don’t say anything on the back of the card. Then you deal out those cards and place your men on the country it has on the cards. Then you get the dice and choose where to attack. You can attack anywhere where your men aren’t. Then the attacker picks up the normal dice … Continue reading Risk – Strategy Game