Three man survival sledge

Get ready for some super cool fun The three man survival sledge is great fun on a sunny but snowy winter day (or in Britain a spring, summer or autumn day will do). What is it? The three man survival sledge is a survival bag that you can pick up from any mountaineering store for about £3. All you need is that, two smaller brothers or sisters and a snowy slope for your survival sledge to take flight (although not literally). You first clear out a run for the sledge, then attempt to fit all three of you into the survival … Continue reading Three man survival sledge

Heelys – shoes with wheelies

Heelys are the shoes with the wheel in the heel. they are rather like roller skates but for beginners. Sizes and Colour There are lots of different colours of heelys that you can choose from when you look at them so just choose what you like. You can get them in every size from 12 toddler-9 adult. Tools The tools that you might need are: a heel plug removal tool which allows you to remove the wheels off them. Then there is the plugs which once you remove the wheels you can put in to stop all the gunk you tread in from getting the holes … Continue reading Heelys – shoes with wheelies