Moustaches and moustache kits

Moustaches are so cool because you can style them any way you want. You can have a curly Italian one or a long straight one or a funny little goaty one. If I had a moustache I would have an Italian curly one like Salvador Dali. His moustache was awesome and he once put flowers on the end of it. But I’d have mine plain. Flowers are for girls. Girls sometimes have moustaches but not any that I know. My sister has a monobrow so one day she might have a moustache. You never know with sisters what they are … Continue reading Moustaches and moustache kits

Risk – Strategy Game

Risk is a very good board game which is quite old and some people play while some people don’t. I think it is a very good game though. How to play What you do is you get 25 men, colour of your choice and you get the pack of cards that don’t say anything on the back of the card. Then you deal out those cards and place your men on the country it has on the cards. Then you get the dice and choose where to attack. You can attack anywhere where your men aren’t. Then the attacker picks up the normal dice … Continue reading Risk – Strategy Game